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The library contributes to our literacy rich environment at Heatherhill Primary School. The library is a social hub that promotes our school identity as a community of readers who enjoy reading and talking about books.

Every class visits the library to participate in a weekly program that includes:

  • Whole class read alouds of a variety of literature (including picture books, novels, poetry, graphic novels and nonfiction).
  • Group discussion to develop skills for literary, visual and critical analysis.
  • Literacy activities to support both independent and collaborative critical and creative thinking and writing.
  • Raising awareness of our individual reader identities and developing skills for choosing a good book.
  • Time to browse and borrow library books.
  • Time to read quietly or share about books with friends.
The library is open every day before school from 8:50am and after school until 3:45pm. Everyone is welcome to return and borrow books during these times as well as during the weekly lesson.

The library is open some lunch times for children to enjoy books, games, puzzles, lego, paper and pencils.

Photo of Heatherhill Primary School Library

Photo of Heatherhill Primary School Library



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