School Profile

Heatherhill Primary School, founded in 1958, has a tradition of excellence within the community and serves the areas of Springvale and Noble Park.

Heatherhill Primary School's mission is to provide a secure, caring, and harmonious environment where students learn the knowledge, skills, and values they need to contribute to and live happily in society. The school maximises each student's potential to achieve academic and social success and celebrates and embraces diversity. The values of the school are Respect, Trust and Doing Your Best.

The school offers flexible learning spaces which cater for the learning individual learning needs students and allow for collaboration within and across levels from Foundation to Year Six. A broad curriculum, including the specialist areas of Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education, and Italian, focuses on developing the whole child; academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Our highly skilled staff work collaboratively to ensure learning is personalised, engaging and connects students to their world and beyond through inquiry. Inquiry provides opportunities for students to explore concepts that have local and global significance. Through inquiry, students are guided to build their capabilities of the Victorian Curriculum; critical and creative thinking, ethical, intercultural, and personal and social learning as they become self-regulated learners.

At Heatherhill Primary School, we work together with our families to ensure every child reaches their full potential to be the best they can be.



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