Student Attendance

Every Day Counts
It's not okay to be away - it's cool to be at school

It's Not OK to be Away

Why is it important for a child to attend school regularly?

  • If your child misses the basic skills in primary school they can experience difficulties with their learning
  • Regular attendance is essential to make sure learning is not disrupted
  • Schools help children develop important social skills, such as friendship building, teamwork, communication skills and a healthy self-esteem
  • What can I do if my child says they don't want to come to school?
  • Remain calm! Be firm and quietly say that they are going to school and continue with your usual morning preparations
  • Keep a regular morning routine. Set the alarm for a reasonable time to get ready.
  • Have school uniform, shoes, maybe even lunch ready the night before
  • Homework, take home book, hat and everything ready the night before school
  • TV before school can prevent some children from getting ready. It is recommended that there is NO TV on before school - use it as a reward after school
  • Speak to your child's teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal or Student Well Being Coordinator who should be able to help you

What is my responsibility as a parent/care giver?

Make sure your child:

  • Attends school on ALL school days
  • Is on time every day

Make sure you:

  • Tell the school if your child is away and the reason why
  • Contact the school if your child does not want to come to school
  • Arrange doctor and dentist appointments for after school or during school holidays
  • Arrange personal shopping trips or special birthday celebrations out of school hours
  • Do not allow your child to stay at home for minor reasons

Did you know:

  • That if a child misses 5 days from school that he/she misses out on ten hours of Literacy (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Speaking & Listening) instruction and five hours of Numeracy (Mathematics, Number, Measurement etc)?
  • If a child has 20 days away that is equal to half a term, and 40 days away from school is equal to a whole term?




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