Student Well-Being

The school has a strong emphasis on Student Well Being, and there is a range of support programs operating at the school: daily Breakfast Club, sponsored by Food Bank and is run each morning from 7:45 am to 8:45 am; Student Council; Peer Mediation; The leader in me based on the 7 Habits; You Can Do It!; and well defined discipline procedures across the school.

A Primary Welfare Officer has added significantly to the support given to students and staff to improve engagement and wellbeing. The Welfare Officer runs the Breakfast Club and a weekly Clubs program, as well as seeking various funding for Cultural Diversity Week and Free Fruit Friday.

All teaching staff participate in RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Program) which is conducted by the Assistant Principal. Students deemed "at risk" are monitored by teaching teams, and support strategies are enacted. The school employs a Speech Pathologist to support students' language acquistion and usage. A Guidance Officer (Psychologist) supports and counsels students, families and staff.

Student attendance has been a priority, with classes and students being acknowledged and rewarded for excellent attendance. Information about the importance of attendance is regularly included in newsletters and at school assemblies.













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Safe and caring environment in which student well-being is a priority
Primary Welfare Officer and Guidance Officer (Psychologist)
A fair and consistent discipline policy
You Can Do It!
The leader in me based on the 7 Habits
Peer Mediation
Student Council
Transition Programs
Student Awards Program, celebrating student successes