Curriculum Focus

The school implements the priorities of the Victorian education system, following the Victorian Curriculum, emphasising the importance of providing all students with strong foundations in literacy and numeracy learning.

The school has four pedagogical principles that underpin teaching, learning and all aspects of school life. The four principles are:

  • Relationships form the basis of all learning. Learning partnerships are formed to enable students to drive their own learning

  • Learning starts from the point of need, extending and challenging learners to achieve growth and success.

  • Learners' engagement needs are met through rich and authentic learning experiences.

  • Evidence of learning is made visible within the learning partnership. Assessment and learning continua are used to match the curriculum to the learning needs of individual students.

We have developed highly engaging learning programs based on the Walker Learning model in the Junior School and high level Inquiry in the Middle and Senior schools. There are three Learning Centres:

  • The students in Years 4, 5 and 6, housed in the Senior School. In the Senior School learning is personalised. Teachers work with students to set learning goals and success criteria, and evaluate their learning. The Senior School participates in a weekly sport program, competing against students from local schools in football, soccer, netball, Volleystars, SofCrosse, Athletics, bat tennis and a range of other sports. Students in Year 6 participate in extensive transition programs in preparation for secondary school.

  • The students in Years 2 and 3, housed in the Middle School. In the Middle School learning is structured to be personalised and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. Students collaborate with teachers to devise personal learning agreements, set goals and success criteria and reflect on their learning.

  • The Foundation and Year 1 students are housed in the Junior School. The Walker Learning Approach is undertaken in the Junior School. The Walker model has ensured that the students are developing excellent skills in oral language, numeracy and literacy. They are becoming more independent and taking ownership of their learning, making decisions that enhance their engagement, with the guidance of their teachers. This approach helps students to develop:

    • Higher levels of engagement and motivation
    • Oral language skills
    • Writing skills
    • Pro social skills
    • Decreased behaviour problems
    • A great level of personal learning opportunities and student choice
    • Improved problem solving and creative thinking skills
    • Independence, ability to make choices and interdependence.

  • There is also a strong focus on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills in the Junior School.

Specialist programs in Italian, Physical Education and Library are implemented across the school in 2018 for all students. Protective Behaviours, a safety program focusing on respectful Behaviours, anti-bullying and awareness of abuse, is undertaken with the Senior School.









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