Personalised Learning

Heatherhill Primary School maximises each student's potential to achieve academic and social success and celebrates and embraces diversity.

The key educational principles for achieving success are:

  • Learning is personalised and differentiated
  • Learning is student centred
  • Learning is social

Personalised Learning

Our key teaching and learning drivers are:

  • The leadership team has developed shared understandings of key pedagogical ideas such as personalised learning, explicit teaching and how students learn.
  • In depth knowledge of students by staff - family, interests, academic, and learning styles
  • Teachers' understanding of the students' "zone of proximal development" enables them to recognise where all students are in all areas of the curriculum and plan appropriate learning engagements.
  • Rich and authentic learning experiences are provided to expand students' current realities.
  • Learning experiences engage the auditory, kinaesthetic and visual processes of all students.
  • Student choice is facilitated by teachers enabling students to learn to make appropriate learning choices.
  • By understanding their "zone of proximal development" students will be enabled to set and review individual goals.
  • Flexible groupings will be used to cater to student learning needs.