Philosophy at Heatherhill

In 2014 we partnered with The Philosophy Club to pilot Philosophical Inquiry. Trained mentors guided students to develop critical and creative thinking. The two month program asked students to ponder questions such as, "What is beauty?", "Can a machine think?", "Why should we be good?" Philosophical enquiry helps students develop the ability to make thoughtful and considered judgements. It builds their skills in enquiry, reasoning, critical reflection and creative thinking; provides opportunities to reflect on their values and principles; and often inspires a thirst for lifelong learning. Some of these benefits are difficult to measure, despite being widely anecdotally reported; but studies show that where Philosophy has been systematically incorporated into school curricula, students' performance has measurably improved in verbal, non-verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Philosophical enquiry helps students develop a broad range of interdisciplinary thinking capacities specified in the Australian Curriculum in Victoria, as well as providing important personal and social benefits.

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The Festival of Thought

In 2015, we celebrated the start to the school year with A Festival of Thought. The Festival of Thought showcased the Inquiry Learning for Term 1. Some marvellous activities included: puppet plays; debates; philosophical thinking; reflections; Art works; Healthy Mind/Healthy Body; Yoga; Literature Circles; role plays; and much, much more!

The school community - students, staff parents, families and friends participated, engaged in dialogue, observed, wondered and wandered around this exciting event.

Senior School

Year Four, Five and Six students delved into ethical thinking, using questioning and listening skills and developing their ability to think reflectively about important life questions. They are expressed their ideas through art, debate, writing and music.

Middle School

Year Two and Three students developed puppet shows exploring issues such as how to be a good friend, and what are our values, as part of their Inquiry into Philosophy. They performed puppet plays and students shared the moral of each story following their plays.

Junior School

Preps and Year Ones shared their investigations. The Walker Learning Approach enables the students to explore their interests and use their creativity whilst working with others. Students planned, designed and shared their work through Reflection sessions, which are guided by teachers.

Philosophy at Heatherhill

Philosophy at Heatherhill

Philosophy at Heatherhill




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