Middle School

In the Middle School learning is personalised and students are encouraged and supported to take responsibility for their learning. Students collaborate with teachers to devise personal learning agreements, set goals and success criteria and reflect on their learning.

Middle School Learning To Learn Program

For the first two weeks of the school year, the students of the Middle School (Grades 2 and 3) enjoyed working on a "Learning To Learn" Program.

We've discussed the various ways we can maximize our learning by working together in groups, listening to others, being persistent when working through difficult tasks, being resilient when necessary and asking for assistance when we need it.

Students have learnt about their own different character traits that make us both similar to and different from others. We celebrate both similarities and differences, knowing that each of us is special and our diversity makes our Learning Centre a better place.

Middle School

The Middle School students have also come to the understanding that their work ethics and behaviours can enhance not only their own learning, but the learning of others as well.

Middle School

The Middle School Students have enjoyed the varied and interesting experiences of the Learning To Learn Program and are excited to continue their learning. Their wonderful enthusiasm promises that this year will be a great year.

Middle School

Our Middle School Motto was made up by the students in the Middle School.

Middle School Motto

Middle School kids are smart
Learning, laughing, happy heart
Working hard. Ace each test.
Friendly, helpful, we're the best!



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